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Understanding Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are automotive replacement parts not made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, nor are they considered "Genuine Original" replacements. Aftermarket parts are also referred to as Non-OEM parts, generic auto parts, imitation parts, copy parts and sometimes "competitive replacement parts". Aftermarket parts can be further classified into 2 distinct categories - replacement parts and accessories. Replacement parts are built and re-manufactured to replace damaged or faulty vehicle parts. Accessories are parts that enhance driver comfort or vehicle appearance, function or style.

  • Are Aftermarket Parts new?

    Yes, in most cases. Aftermarket parts are new manufactured parts which fulfill a similar role as OEM parts. However, some aftermarket parts may not be new and could have been re-furbished, in which case, they are warrantied as 'Like New'; in some cases. A good example of re-manufactured parts is a refurbished phone. Your refurbished phone may work and look like new, but it has probably undergone some repairs or has been re-packaged.

  • Do aftermarket parts void my vehicle's warranty?

    Aftermarket parts which serve as direct replacement parts, will probably not void a car's warranty. In fact, many aftermarket parts manufacturers produce parts which are made to function as good as the OEM part or in some cases as an enhancement. Checking with your trusted mechanic and service team is always the best way to decide which part is best for you-after all they are the experts!

  • Are aftermarket parts reliable?

    Aftermarket parts can work as good as OEM parts but may differ in the level of manufacturing and performance quality. Ask the Pro you trust, to explain in more detail!

  • Do aftermarket parts affect my car insurance?

    If you have installed aftermarket parts while repairing your vehicle, it is advisable to consult your insurer about such changes to discover how your coverage might be affected.