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Company History and Leadership

The Linhart Company is a management group whose mission is to create operationally efficient automobile dealerships and related services by merger, acquisition and the internal promotion of capable employees.

The Linhart Company has two main operating divisions: Dominion Parts Distributors, LLC and Colonial Heights Land Company.Collectively, these companies are referred to as the Dominion Auto Group.

Franchised automotive vehicle and parts sales and service are primarily a family business in Central Virginia. Our companies represent a long and prestigious history of continuous family service to the automotive needs of eight decades of customers.

dominion Leadership

  • 1897-1993

    Charles F. Johnson

    was a pioneer in the auto industry. He was the leading salesperson in both 1918 and 1919 for the Dayton Electric Light Company (later purchased by General Motors and its name shortened to Delco Electronics).

    Mr. Johnson owned 38 franchises in his lifetime, the majority of which he sold to his general managers. He was a very resourceful businessman: when new vehicles were unavailable during World War II, he took the train to Boston, purchased vehicles from departing servicemen being shipped overseas, and drove them back to his dealerships for resale.

    In addition to his automobile interests, Mr. Johnson was an inventor and sportsman. He built high-speed tournament fishing boats in his Daytona Marine and Boat Works Complex, and twice set the non-stop open sea record for Miami to New York. His 1,700-acre farm in North Florida produced a prize species of Black Angus cattle on feed he developed at his on-site mill.

    Mr. Johnson remained an avid seaman, helping to found the National Oceanographic Society of which he was Chairman Emeritus.

  • 1920-1979

    Vernon P. Linhart

    was the nephew by marriage of Mr. Johnson. A Lutheran minister by training, Vernon Linhart left the ministry in 1951 and joined Utility Body Company, a Johnson national truck body firm later purchased by General Motors.

    Linhart sold trucks throughout Ohio, Michigan and Indiana to Chevrolet dealers and became Utility's #1 salesman.

    In 1957, Johnson selected Linhart as a dealership management candidate and trained him at 3 Johnson dealerships. In 1959 Linhart was assigned to Richmond as General Manager of "Dominion".

    Under Linhart's leadership Dominion became the #1 Chevrolet dealership in Central Virginia, establishing sales records of 2,655 new and 1,200 used vehicles that still remain today as Dominion's best one-year performance by a single franchise.

  • 1971 - Now

    J. Theodore (Ted) Linhart

    Son of Vernon Linhart, joined Dominion full time in 1971 after 11 summers working in various departments while in high school and college. After Vernon Linhart's death in 1979, Ted Linhart became Dominion's third President.

    Ted Linhart and his management team are responsible for the creation of the Linhart Company and its mission, vision and values.

A timeline of their accomplishments follows

  • July 1, 1955
    Dominion Chevrolet Co. (Charles F. Johnson, great uncle of Ted Linhart, purchases Robertson Chevrolet, Inc. from Charles Robertson, Jr., owner since August 1, 1930)
  • February 1959
    Vernon P. Linhart becomes Vice President and General Manager of Dominion
  • March 1960
    Relocation from 1351 West Broad Street to new complex at 4400 West Broad Street
  • 1962
    V.P. Linhart become President of Dominion
  • March 1, 1965
    Relocation to 6517 West Broad Street
  • December 1971
    Ted Linhart joins Dominion full-time
  • March 1979
    V.P. Linhart dies; Ted Linhart becomes Dominion President
  • May 29, 1985
    Southern Chevrolet & Cadillac, Inc. (Ted Linhart acquires the assets of Master Chevrolet Sales, Inc. from Albert Suttle, Sr., whose family had owned Master since 1931)
  • July 1985
    The Linhart Company is formed
  • March 1990
    Southern Nissan, Inc. (Linhart acquires the assets of Lee Nissan of Virginia, Inc. from John Lee; originally opened as Connie Hack Datsun in 1978)
  • March 1990
    Relocation of Southern Chevrolet & Cadillac from 32 East Bank Street to 946-A East Wythe Street
  • April 1994
    Southern Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac, Inc. (Linhart acquires the assets of Connie Hack Buick from B.C. Hack
  • July 1996
    Dominion Southpark, Inc. (Linhart merges Southern Nissan and Southern Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac and changes name)
  • July 7, 1996
    Relocation of Dominion Southpark, Inc. from four buildings on Wythe Street and one on Bank Street to new complex on Charles Dimmock Parkway in Colonial Heights
  • December 1996
    Dominion Kia, Inc. (Linhart awarded Kia franchise by Kia Motors America)
  • April 1, 1997
    Relocation of Dominion Kia to new showroom at 6517 West Broad Street
  • January 1999
    Dominion Buick-Pontiac-GMC (Linhart acquires assets of Haywood-Clarke Buick-Pontiac-GMC from Haywood B. Hyman, Jr., whose family had represented General Motors since 1955)
  • January 1999
    Dominion Short Pump, Inc. (Linhart merges Dominion Chevrolet and Dominion Buick-Pontiac-GMC)
  • January 1999
    Relocation of Dominion Kia from 6517 West Broad Street to Dominion Southpark
  • April 2000
    Relocation of Dominion Chevrolet and Dominion Pontiac-GMC to new Short Pump complex
  • May 2000
    Relocation of Dominion Buick from 7837 Carousel Lane to new Flagship building at Short Pump complex
  • November 2003
    Accessory Distributors of Virginia, LLC (formation of entity to distribute car and truck accessories to GM dealers)
  • May 2004
    Expansion of Dominion Short Pump into 80,000 square foot parking deck.
  • October 2004
    Relocation of Dominion Nissan to new exclusive 16,000 square foot building at 435 Charles Dimmock Parkway.
  • June 2007
    Sale of Accessory Distributors to Casco, Inc.
  • June 2009
    GM closes Dominion Chevrolet-Buick-Cadillac Southpark and Dominion Pontiac-Short Pump (due to GM bankruptcy)
  • September 2011
    Dominion Auto Center/Sears - Hopewell opens
  • February 2012
    Dominion Auto Center/Sears - Willow Lawn opens

    Sale of Dominion Nissan and Dominion Kia to Priority Auto Group of Virginia Beach
  • September 2014
    Sale of Dominion Chevrolet-Buick-GMC to Hendrick Auto Group of Charlotte, NC
  • November 2014
    Acquisition of Warehouse Distributor Agreement with AcDelco for Dominion Parts Distributors, LLC
  • December 2014
    Acquisition of Motorcraft Agreement for Dominion Parts
  • November 2015
    Acquisition of Mopar Agreement for Dominion Parts
  • June 2016
    Acquisition of Magneti-Morelli Agreement for Dominion Parts
John K. Faison | VP/General Manager

John is a 40-year veteran of The Dominion Auto Group and the automobile industry. Prior to his appointment in 1985 as Parts Director for all GM franchises, John served as Parts Manager for three of Dominions dealerships. His knowledge of parts warehousing, logistics and marketing has led Dominion to the #1 volume GM parts operation in Central Virginia.

John enjoys spending time with his daughter and grandson. He is fond of sports, and likes to relax by hunting or fishing with friends.

Gary R. Hahn | Warehouse Manager

Gary has been with Dominion Auto Group for 6 years, and has over 35 years of experience in automotive parts and distribution. Gary is responsible for the warehouse day-to-day operations, and his knowledge and skillset ensures the warehouse runs efficiently and smoothly.

Outside of work, Gary enjoys sports, movies, camping and fishing. He adores his pets, and refers to them as his four-legged kids with a tail.

David E. Acors (Gene) | Sales Representative

Gene has over 42 years of experience with aftermarket automotive parts, and was employed with ACDelco for 35 of those years. When he is not busy with our customers, Gene enjoys tending to his garden, as well as crabbing and fishing. He also takes pride in his two grandchildren and likes to spend time with his entire family.

Thomas Barkovich | Sales Representative

Tom is an experienced sales representative with a strong background in air compressor sales over the last 14 years. In his spare time, Tom enjoys gardening, golf, church and spending time with his family.

Allen W. Lee | Sales Representative

Allen has over 25 years of experience selling automotive parts, so he is a very knowledgeable sales representative that enjoys helping our customers. Allen likes spending time with his family, enjoys hunting and fishing, and also has a keen interest in automobiles.

Brad A. Sheffield | Battery Specialist

Have a question about batteries? Brad is the one to ask! With Brad’s extensive knowledge on automotive batteries, our customers can depend on him for all of their battery needs. Brad enjoys sports and video games, and is interested in history.

Samantha N. Faison | Clerical

Samantha has been in the automotive business for over 3 years, and previously worked for Dominion in the service center. Outside of work, Samantha enjoys spending time with her son, Nixxon, shopping and riding jet skis.

Andrew L. Johnson (Stick) | Driver

Andrew previously worked in the landscaping business before joining our team. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys driving, traveling, making knives, and doing what they say cannot be done.

Percy L. Johnson (Lem) | Driver

With over 35 years in the automotive service industry, Lem has a wealth of knowledge about aftermarket automotive parts. When he is not at work, Lem enjoys seeing new places, woodcrafting and riding his motorcycle on country roads.

Crystal R. Lee | Driver

Crystal has over 9 years of experience in the automotive service and parts field. Outside of work, Crystal enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, has fun riding ATV’s, and is interested in old cars.