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Motorcraft - An Introduction

Motorcraft® is a Ford Motor Company auto parts brand. Motorcraft® auto parts was launched by Ford as an automotive parts unit in the 1950's. It was discontinued for a while, during which time Ford used "Autolite" as its main official parts brand. Ford planned to use the Motorcraft® brand to manufacture and provide automotive replacement and original equipment parts. "Autolite" is no longer owned by Ford and is now owned and operated by FRAM.

Motorcraft® parts are primarily engineered for installation on Mercury, Lincoln and Ford vehicles.

Motorcraft® also manufactures parts such as oil filter applications which are designed for many makes/models built by a wide variety of additional automotive manufacturers.

What parts does Motorcraft® manufacture?

  • 01
    Motorcraft's® most popular products, by volume are engine oil and spark plugs, but they offer a huge number of essential make and model parts.
  • 02
    Climate-Control Components - Manifold and tube assemblies, accumulators and receiver dryers, hoses, liquid and suction lines, O-rings, expansion, vacuum check and pressure relief valves, condensers and evaporators, cooling fans, temperature control sensors and A/C switches
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    Motorcraft® Compressors - Featuring both new or re-manufactured, loaded or unloaded compressors
  • 04
    Motorcraft® Alternators - Both new and re-manufactured alternators available
  • 05
    Batteries - Dual-terminal batteries, Fleet Tough commercial and Heavy-Equipment specialty batteries