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Understanding the meaning of the term OEM

The term OEM denotes Original Equipment Manufacturer. The word "original" can be quite misleading and does not mean that the original manufacturer produced the part. OEM parts are not always directly made by the original manufacturer but often manufactured by a sub-contracting company that has been approved by the automobile manufacturer. These sub-contractors follow the design and quality guidelines outlined by the original manufacturer.

  • Is OEM original or fake?

    OEM parts are produced by manufacturer approved and certified sub-contractors. So, buying OEM parts is as good as buying genuine manufacturer recommended parts and products. They are not fake and offer the highest quality performance.

  • Does my dealership offer OEM parts?

    Quality automotive shops and dealerships almost always offer OEM parts. This is to ensure that your vehicle parts stay under the manufacturer's warranty requirements. OEM parts also meet all required Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

  • Do auto repair shops offer OEM parts?

    Yes. There are options to save money, sometimes, on repair costs by procuring aftermarket parts to make parts replacement cheaper/economical for the customer. Your trusted mechanic and service team can best guide you in this important decision.

  • What is the difference between OEM parts and genuine/original parts?

    Genuine parts are parts which were originally installed by the OEM when the vehicle was first manufactured and sold. These parts may have company logos, designs, symbols, certain words/numbers or trademarks on them. OEM parts are the same as genuine parts except for the fact that they won't typically feature the car maker's logo and other designs.