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OUR Warehouse

Dominion parts has the largest inventory of automotive repair parts in Central Virginia. Dominion's 32,000 sq.ft auto parts warehouse in Richmond stores more than $2 million in perpetually controlled stock.


Additionally, our warehouse inventory consists of more than 18,500 part numbers, available immediately on-demand. Dominion's auto parts warehouse facility is centrally organized and utilizes advanced technology to ensure a rapid response to every order.


Four tractor-trailer receiving docks accommodate daily full load shipments, which allow us to operate in large quantities while consistently maintaining the highest quality standards… It’s about TRUST!


The result - you get the right part at the right price, on time, every time!

We lead the Central Virginia aftermarket parts business as General Motors largest sales and distribution center. We also are a procurement center for other OEM and aftermarket suppliers, most notably Sears Holdings, Motorcraft and Mopar. Additionally, we are a wholesale distributor of truckload quantities of GM engines, transmissions, collision and performance parts.


At Dominion Parts Distributors, it's not just about selling aftermarket parts. It's about finding the right parts for your automotive business needs with a company that you can trust.

John K. Faison | VP/General Manager

John is a 40-year veteran of The Dominion Auto Group and the automobile industry. Prior to his appointment in 1985 as Parts Director for all GM franchises, John served as Parts Manager for three of Dominions dealerships. His knowledge of parts warehousing, logistics and marketing has led Dominion to the #1 volume GM parts operation in Central Virginia.

John enjoys spending time with his daughter and grandson. He is fond of sports, and likes to relax by hunting or fishing with friends.

Gary R. Hahn | Warehouse Manager

Gary has been with Dominion Auto Group for 6 years, and has over 35 years of experience in automotive parts and distribution. Gary is responsible for the warehouse day-to-day operations, and his knowledge and skillset ensures the warehouse runs efficiently and smoothly.

Outside of work, Gary enjoys sports, movies, camping and fishing. He adores his pets, and refers to them as his four-legged kids with a tail.

David E. Acors (Gene) | Sales Representative

Gene has over 42 years of experience with aftermarket automotive parts, and was employed with ACDelco for 35 of those years. When he is not busy with our customers, Gene enjoys tending to his garden, as well as crabbing and fishing. He also takes pride in his two grandchildren and likes to spend time with his entire family.

Thomas Barkovich | Sales Representative

Tom is an experienced sales representative with a strong background in air compressor sales over the last 14 years. In his spare time, Tom enjoys gardening, golf, church and spending time with his family.

Allen W. Lee | Sales Representative

Allen has over 25 years of experience selling automotive parts, so he is a very knowledgeable sales representative that enjoys helping our customers. Allen likes spending time with his family, enjoys hunting and fishing, and also has a keen interest in automobiles.

Brad A. Sheffield | Battery Specialist

Have a question about batteries? Brad is the one to ask! With Brad’s extensive knowledge on automotive batteries, our customers can depend on him for all of their battery needs. Brad enjoys sports and video games, and is interested in history.

Samantha N. Faison | Clerical

Samantha has been in the automotive business for over 3 years, and previously worked for Dominion in the service center. Outside of work, Samantha enjoys spending time with her son, Nixxon, shopping and riding jet skis.

Andrew L. Johnson (Stick) | Driver

Andrew previously worked in the landscaping business before joining our team. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys driving, traveling, making knives, and doing what they say cannot be done.

Percy L. Johnson (Lem) | Driver

With over 35 years in the automotive service industry, Lem has a wealth of knowledge about aftermarket automotive parts. When he is not at work, Lem enjoys seeing new places, woodcrafting and riding his motorcycle on country roads.

Crystal R. Lee | Driver

Crystal has over 9 years of experience in the automotive service and parts field. Outside of work, Crystal enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, has fun riding ATV’s, and is interested in old cars.